Do lawn fertilizers harm dogs?

Answer Yes.

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Can you use lawn fertilizers in gardens?

Lawn fertilizers can be used in gardens as long as they do not contain additives like pesticides or herbicides. In general, balanced lawn fertilizers are indistinguishable from balanced flower, fru... Read More »

Comparison of Lawn Fertilizers?

Fertilizers add important nutrients, especially nitrogen, back to the soil. However, choosing the right fertilizer can be tricky. Three basic types of lawn fertilizer are chemical, organic and weed... Read More »

The Best Types of Lawn Fertilizers?

If you want to take good care of your lawn this summer, you need to know what kind of fertilizer to use. Although every lawn is different, knowing the benefits of various fertilizers can help you ... Read More »

The Best Fertilizers for Lawn in Sandy Soil?

Sandy soil is excellent ground for building homes and buildings, but the same features that make it suitable for that purpose also make it a poor choice for most lawns. Sandy soil contains few nutr... Read More »