Do large flash files have to be streamed?

Answer On One Hand: File Size IssuesOften, the best way to handle a large flash file is to stream it. Because of the sheer size of many of these files, it doesn't make sense to send them via email or have... Read More »

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How far and fast do I have to run to burn off 4 big macs, 3 large fries, 2 large cokes and an ice cream cone?

You could swim to England.....that should do the trick :P

Does Costco have a large bulk item pick up service for returning a large 50 inch TV?

Pick-up Policy Best thing to do is call Costco and ask.well, I have a FREE pick up service... il just take it RIGHT off your hands and you'll never have to worry about it again... lol

I have a large portrait my uncle painted and I need it digitalized, where can I find a large scanner?

You are unlikely to get a quality scan done at this size. There are two options available to you:The first is taking a picture of it - use studio lighting / daylight with a camera set to the bigges... Read More »

How to Compress Large Files?

Large files are cumbersome to save and transfer. To compress large files using built-in Windows or Mac software or alternative compressors, use one of the methods below.