Do laptops normally get warm/ hot underneath?

Answer Yeah, computers (especially laptops) usually overheat when it's been on for awhile and it's on a solid surface. What i do is i take an empty binder and prop my laptop; it doesn't get as hot - or at... Read More »

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Do Laptops Usually Run Warm?

they are stationary and don't have legs. They do, however, operate on the warmer side, NOT operate it on carpet, or a towel, or the like. Have it on a hard surface so the fan can blow the ... Read More »

Why are laptops called laptops if you're not actually suppose to sit them on your lap?

Well, when they were initially released they were supposed to, but then a few laptops exploded and.. putting it nicely.. people were hurt where it hurts the most.. and sued the laptop companies.. t... Read More »

What laptops are more reliable, Dell laptops or IBM Thinkpads?

You can't get an unbiased answer to that question, but I *love* my IBM (Lenovo) Thinkpad, and have had no problems with it.

I have on my warm blue sweater tonight,,,,,,what or who is keeping you warm?

My memories are keeping me warm....andMy pink turtleneck sweater is helping....Peace.