Do laptop computers have speakers inside them?

Answer Laptops do have speakers inside the main case. Most laptops have a basic set of small speakers, but some gaming laptops include surround sound with 3.1, 5.1 or even 7.1 speakers. This means there a... Read More »

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When i plug my speakers into my laptop, the sound still plays out of my laptop, not my speakers.?

Do laptop computers last longer than desktop computers?

No. Desktop computers generally last longer than laptops. A desktop is not carried around and is therefore less prone to damage. Desktops are also easier to repair and have better ventilation than ... Read More »

Can GTA IV work on my laptop Toshiba Intel Inside. My laptop is using windows 8!?

Alexander, i need more information about your graphic gard, just stating 'intel inside' is not sufficient for me to tell you whether it will play or not.If it is intel hd 3000 or intel hd 4000 then... Read More »

Where can you buy the speakers inside of headphones?

It really adds up to a bunch of topics based on which mobile phone service you currently have to the operating system your phone is on. You may have to narrow which OS you have 1st Android, IOS/Iph... Read More »