Do laminate floors need to be waxed?

Answer To clean a laminate floor, use a damp or dry dust mop and laminate floor cleaner. Applying wax to a laminate floor could cause buildup that leaves the floor looking dull.Source:How to Clean Stuff: ... Read More »

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How do I clean waxed tile floors?

Mop the FloorFill a mop bucket half-full with hot water. Load the mop head with the water. Begin at the corner of the room. Squeeze a nickel-size amount of nonabrasive floor cleaner in the center a... Read More »

Do waxed hardwood floors need to be sanded before staining?

Waxed hardwood floors need to be sanded prior to staining. The majority of the wax finish is removed by using mineral spirits. After this is done, a fine sandpaper is used to remove the balance o... Read More »

How do I take care of waxed vinyl tile floors?

Regular CleaningSweep your vinyl tile floor daily. Mop your floor weekly using a vinyl tile floor cleaner. For in-between moppings, you can remove dirt with a mop dampened in warm water. Avoid usin... Read More »

Are sealed hardwood floors&laminate floors the same?

Sealed hardwood floors and laminate floors are not the same. Sealed hardwood is genuine hardwood that has been sealed to protect it against damage. Although laminate floors look like real wood, the... Read More »