Do ladybugs eat human food?

Answer Lady bugs do not eat human food. The lady bug is predatory and eats several varieties of small insects. Lady bugs help to rid a garden of plant eating insects. They typically eat aphids, caterpilla... Read More »

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What Kind of Human Food Can a Dog Eat?

Worms are a common problem for the house-cat but are easily treated if caught quickly. Worms can seriously affect a cat's health and lead it to become malnourished or ill. It is also important to t... Read More »

What human food can you feed a dog?

Though a wide variety of nutritional pet foods exist, virtually all dog owners consider supplementing their canine's diet. Some human food is healthy for occasional canine snacks. The wrong items, ... Read More »

What human food makes dogs sick?

Several foods safe for human consumption may wreak havoc on your dog's digestive and nervous systems. Avoid giving your pet these foods in order to keep it safe and healthy.Chocolate and coffeeAcco... Read More »

Can bearded dragons eat human baby food?

Bearded Dragons are omnivorous and will eat just about anything. They can eat human baby food, in addition to their normal food, especially when young. They require a diet consisting of both vegeta... Read More »