Do kieffer pear trees need a pollinator?

Answer Although the Kieffer pear (Pyrus communis), does not need a pollinator in order to set fruit, it is recommended that you have two pear trees to ensure proper pollination. If other pear trees on yo... Read More »

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How to Grow Kieffer Pear Trees?

Growing fruit trees at home can be a soothing, rewarding hobby as well as fresh source of tasty food for your family. Kieffer pear trees are a relatively easy species to grow at home; they are larg... Read More »

Do peach trees need a pollinator?

Most peach tree varieties are self-fruitful and do not require a separate pollinator. Exceptions to this rule include the J. H. Hale, Stark Honeydew Hale and any Stark Hale Berta Giant, all of whic... Read More »

Do plum trees need a pollinator?

Plum trees of Japanese, European and North American (hybrids) origins are currently grown in the United States. Most, but not all, of these trees need an insect pollinator (usually a bee) in order ... Read More »

Do Elberta peach trees need a pollinator?

According to the Arbor Day Foundation, Elberta peach trees are self-pollinating, which means that the tree does not need a pollinator. The pollen transfers to the female from the male parts of the ... Read More »