Do kids with cell phones get worse grades?

Answer On One Hand: Heavy or Inappropriate Use May Affect AcademicsDue to increased cellular technology, kids have access to copious hours of music, videos and games, as well as perpetual monitoring of so... Read More »

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Should kids have their own cell phones?

On One Hand: Cell Phones For Kids Offer Certain AdvantagesCell phones can provide extra convenience when your child needs a ride, is going to be late or if you just want to check up on her. They ca... Read More »

Why do so many kids get cell phones?

IDk, I didn't get a cell phone until I was 16, and like you, had to pay for it myself (mine was also tracphone lol). I've heard of kids as young as 10 having cell phones. I think that's a little cr... Read More »

Do u think kids should have cell phones?

If the child is responsible enough and you feel there is a need for them to have one then yes.There is a great new cell phone called the firefly that only allows children to call the numbers the pa... Read More »

What age should kids get cell phones?