Do kids look like their adoptive parents over time?

Answer It's not uncommon to mimic gestures and ways to speak, fashion and haircuts etc when living with someone all your life although they are not you biological family. So yes.

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Why would some adoptive parents do this to their kids......?

Wow. I can't even..... wow. That's truly unimaginable......I think it would have been less traumatizing to simple "give her back". At least then she would have had the chance to be raised by a f... Read More »

Do adoptive parents wish to see their kids?

Do you mean the biological parents? If that what you mean then yes most of the time Parents wish they could see their children and sometimes they'll have their child put in an Open adoption not a ... Read More »

Adoptive parents that have both bio & adopted kids do you find that you don't talk about your pregnancies?

Great question. Here's a twist. As an adoptee who gave birth to three children, I have felt hesitant to talk about my pregnancies too much in front of my a-mother. This was true particularly at ... Read More »

Shouldn't adopted kids get the BEST adoptive parents the industry has to offer?

Well, at very least they should have the privilege of parents who can spell the word privilege.We can start with that and work our way up the food chain from there.