Do kids have school on Labor Day?

Answer Labor Day is a U.S. federal holiday recognized by public schools throughout the nation. It is observed on the first Monday in September. Public schools and, usually without exception, private schoo... Read More »

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What type of jobs did kids used to have to do when in child labor?

Kids back then had to keep the furnace stoked, carrying coal to them, carry supplies to the other workers, cleaning up factory and other menial jobs...none terribly taxing on the brain but the hurr... Read More »

Why don't we have school on Labor Day?

Labor Day is a US federal holiday observed on the first Monday of September to celebrate American workers and their achievements. Most public primary and secondary schools are closed on most federa... Read More »

Why Should Kids Have Lockers in School?

School lockers are a stereotypical mainstay of the school experience and are commonly found in middle and high schools. For school administrators, the cost of purchasing, installing and maintaining... Read More »

How to Have Fun on a Long Car Trip (for Grade School Kids)?

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