Do kegels work for men?

Answer On One Hand: Kegel BenefitsAccording to Dr. Neil Baum and Bradley Spieler, Kegel exercises are an effective treatment for premature ejaculation. Their effectiveness comes from strengthening the pub... Read More »

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Can Kegels Be Bad?

Kegel exercises are a series of movements designed to strengthen the muscles of the area called the pelvic floor. Improper performance of Kegels can worsen the condition of these muscles and trigge... Read More »

How to do squats for kegels?

Just tighten your muscles as you would to try to stop the stream while urinating. Hold for 10 seconds. Do 5-10 times Do 3-4 sets a day.

Is there an instrument to help with Kegels?

The use of biofeedback devices allow you to know when you are using your Kegal muscles. By knowing how to target your Kegal muscles, you can exercise and strengthen them to get improved bladder con... Read More »

Is it possible to pull a muscle from doing too many kegels?

I'm pulling my muscle just thinking about this.