Do juniper plants keep cats away?

Answer I have absolutely no idea, but they are not poisonous to cats.If you want cats to keep away from your garden, there isn't really any way to keep them out.However, you could put a motion-activated n... Read More »

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Are juniper berries poisonous to cats?

Many veterinarians believe that juniper berries cause illness in cats. If you suspect your cat has eaten juniper, bring your cat and a sample of the berries to the vet immediately.SourcePoisonous B... Read More »

How do i keep cats out of house plants?

Use Sticky Paws for PlantsMost cats love to shred plants because they're in dirt. To keep cats out of the dirt, try using Sticky Paws for Plants and apply as directed. Cats hate the stickiness of t... Read More »

Are house plants bad for cats?

On One Hand: Toxic PlantsThe Cat Fanciers' Association has published a list of over 200 plants that are poisonous for cats. In some cases, just a certain part of houseplants, like the leaves, bark,... Read More »

Catnip Plants for Cats?

Catnip is a safe herb related to mint. Catnip contains nepetalactone, a compound that stimulates a cat's nervous system, causing a hallucinogenic chemical reaction in its brain. Not all cats like c... Read More »