Do juniper plants keep cats away?

Answer I have absolutely no idea, but they are not poisonous to cats.If you want cats to keep away from your garden, there isn't really any way to keep them out.However, you could put a motion-activated n... Read More »

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Can you put cayenne pepper on your plants to keep cats and dogs away?

Yes, but it might not work.For dogs, try using vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray the perimeter and between the rows and no more unwanted visitors. Their sense of smell is too sensitive and they will... Read More »

How to Keep Cats Away?

You may be faced with the task of keeping cats out of your yard or garden. The goal is to keep the felines away without harming them. There are many possible ways to keep cats away, but some soluti... Read More »

Do mothballs keep cats away?

Moth balls make for an excellent cat deterrent. Cats despise the smell of moth balls and will avoid contact with them. If you're looking to keep your pet, or the neighborhood cats, out of the garde... Read More »

Do moth balls keep cats away?

While mothballs will keep cats away, they’re toxic to cats and other animals, according to the ASPCA. Safe ways to keep cats away from flowerbeds or other places where they’re not welcome are e... Read More »