Can jellyfish sting each other?

Answer According to, jellyfish can sting each other but do not commonly do so. Some larger jellyfish may prey on smaller ones, but they do generally not sting each other.References:Jell... Read More »

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Do you know what to do if a jellyfish stings you?

You guys are idiots. Pure water should be used in the event that you have any. Some experts suggest to urinate on the wound if you don't have water - it's just to remove debris from the area since ... Read More »

What to do for a jellyfish bite?

i found this. idk: Jellyfish Sting Treatment * Rinse with seawater. Avoid fresh water because it will increase pain. Do not rub the wound or apply ice to it. * For classic box jellyfish sting... Read More »

The Chinese eat JELLYFISH!!!?

Heartless??????????? & Cruel??????Are you a vegetarian????I personally think this asker is rude because she pointed her finger to all the Chinese meat eaters!

If i got stung by a jellyfish, would you pee on me?