Do jamaicans uses a lot of spices?

Answer You can buy special dishwasher products.

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Do Jamaicans speak English?

The national language of Jamaica is English. English patois is also recognized as a national language. This is a distinctive accent on the English language that is characteristic of Jamaicans. Engl... Read More »

Do jamaicans need a visa to visit the usa?

Anyone entering the United States that is not a United States citizen, permanent resident or citizen of a country that participates in the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) must apply for and secure a visa... Read More »

What spices are in pickling spices for German Pot Roast?

Getting a job as a Dishwasher in the Sims 2 is just like getting any other job in the Sims 2. Go to the newspaper or computer and select "Find A job". Next look though and hopefully a job in "Culti... Read More »

When was visa requirements implemented for Jamaicans to Switzerland?

The day Jamaica got its Independence from the UK the visa policy was implemented before Jamaicans were seen as British citizens and for that reason only needed a Passport.