How do you find talk show questions as if a person was asking Gregor Mendel questions and he was answering them?

Answer Dr. Phil McGraw

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Ridiculous Questions?

WHAT???? ARE YOU SAYING MY QUESTIONS ARE RIDICULOUS?!!!! GRRR... Just kidding. I do believe that a lot of "askers" ask the dumb or ridiculous questions just to get a rise out of people. Sometimes, ... Read More »

Answering questions?

Good point - have a star. I always scour the site for town planning related questions (which is my specialism) to try to keep people out of trouble. Some of the clowns who offer advice could land t... Read More »

Why isn't anybody answering my questions.... do u hate me....?

Females in your early 30's please be serious in answering my ques. I need your help in my situation.?

You may be having palpitations, which is generally defined as heartbeats that you are aware of because they feel like skipping, quivering, fluttering, flipflopping, or jumping. The following provi... Read More »