Do it Yourself Surveillance Cameras?

Answer A possible caution to keep your premises safe from criminal break-ins is installing surveillance cameras to monitor all activities within your premises. Thugs tend to avoid premises that are under ... Read More »

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What does AES mean on surveillance cameras?

AES stands for Atlantic Electronic Surveillance. This is the name of a surveillance technology company that produces spy cameras, GPS trackers, phone tapping accessories, disguised recording device... Read More »

What do you think of a house with surveillance cameras on it?

Good idea for the owners. There have been two break-ins in my neighborhood recently and both were caught by someones surveillance cameras.If you are concerned that your actions are being recorded, ... Read More »

Who invented surveillance cameras?

The surveillance camera was first used by German scientist Walter Bruch during World War II, as he used a cable system to observe the launches of rockets from a safe distance.Source:JBCGSI Security... Read More »

Where are surveillance cameras located?

street corners,parking lots,liquor stores,grocery stores, home stores,schools,public buildings, airports,hospitals, gas stations, ATM machines, banks, police stations, fire stations, court houses, ... Read More »