Do it Yourself Skin Cream?

Answer Skin care creams pack the aisles of retail stores. They are available at a multitude of price points with various claims to reverse the aging process, soothe dry skin and treat acne. With hundreds ... Read More »

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Does Skin Lighting Cream Improve Texture of Skin?

MedicineNet reports that "approximately 65 companies sell over 200 different types of skin-lightening products containing hydroquinone in the U.S." as of 2006, with many available over the counter ... Read More »

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Can hemorrhoidal cream be used on the skin?

On One Hand: Follow InstructionsHemorrhoid creams can be used on the skin as directed on the box. Hemorrhoids are areas of inflammation around the anus that can be itchy and very painful. Hemorrhoi... Read More »

Skin Therapy Cream?

Skin cream comes in a variety of types, each tailored to a specific type of skin, or to fulfill a certain need of the skin. Many topical creams on the market today claim to have the same effects as... Read More »