Do it Yourself Recessed Shelves?

Answer Recessed shelves are typically installed during the construction of the house, although you can install the shelving yourself if your house didn't come with them. Recessing a wall shelf takes preci... Read More »

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How to Measure for Recessed Lighting?

According to Lighting Showplace, recessed lighting is largely used to supplement the lighting you already have in your home. There are several lighting effects you can achieve through installing re... Read More »

How to Install Recessed Lighting?

Installing recessed lighting fixtures can be a great option for a quick and relatively inexpensive home renovation. Recessed lighting fixtures can provide task lighting over specific areas of a kit... Read More »

Ideas for Recessed Lighting?

Recessed lighting allows you to hide lighting equipment and use wall and ceiling space for other design purposes. For example, in a contemporary kitchen, you want walls and ceilings to be smooth, a... Read More »

What is an H7 recessed light?

An H7 recessed light refers to a series of recessed lights made by Halo. Halo now offers LED lights in this series, from which homeowners can select four industry standard color temperatures. Halo'... Read More »