Do it Yourself Projector Headlights?

Answer If you don't like the headlights that came with your vehicle, you can upgrade them to projector headlights. Most vehicles come installed with reflector headlights, which disburse the headlight bulb... Read More »

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DIY Projector Headlights?

If you are unhappy with your factory-installed headlights, upgrade them with aftermarket projector headlights. Most factory-installed headlights have internal reflectors that disburse the light fro... Read More »

How to Aim Projector Headlights?

If you have ever been blinded by oncoming traffic or in your rearview mirrors by badly aimed headlights, you know how important proper headlight aim is. Projector headlights have more intense beams... Read More »

How to Modify Projector Headlights?

Although projector headlights are known for enhancing the brightness and style of your headlight beams, you may wish to enhance your headlights further by installing High Intensity Discharge (HID) ... Read More »

How to Wire Projector Headlights?

Projector headlights feature a ring that focuses the headlight bulbs' light into a beam, or projection. Most factory-installed headlights feature reflectors that disperse the light onto the road. P... Read More »