Do it Yourself Liberty Spikes?

Answer Liberty spikes is a rock-inspired hairstyle that originated from punk music. It takes a little bit of time--and a lot of hair-styling products such as gel or spray--to create your own liberty spike... Read More »

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How to Put Up Liberty Spikes?

Liberty spikes are a hairstyle named after their visual similarity to the Statue of Liberty's crown. The spikes are long, pointy and often dyed. Mohawks are often teased into liberty spikes. Good l... Read More »

How to Make Liberty Spikes?

Although they're not quite as well known as the mohawk, liberty spikes are another classic and dramatic punk rock hairstyle. They are small spikes of hair that stand up all over the head. Liberty s... Read More »

Liberty Spikes Tips?

Liberty spikes are a popular look among those who consider themselves part of the punk music movement. The look of liberty spikes entails styling the hair on your head into a number of pointed spik... Read More »

How to Put up a Mohawk or Liberty Spikes?

Are you ready to turn your own hair into a sharp, pointed work of art? This article will focus on creating the classic Mohawk, a fan or series of spikes running down the center of your scalp, but v... Read More »