Do it Yourself Hydrogen Conversion Instructions for Cars?

Answer You can modify an existing car engine to run on a hydrogen conversion system. Detailed manuals on how to collect the materials and assemble this hydrogen combustion, water-powered conversion kit ar... Read More »

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Hydrogen Conversion Instructions?

There are many project guide books available assist you with converting your vehicle to run on a water powered hydrogen generator system. With the right components any vehicle can run on water, bu... Read More »

Do-It-Yourself Hydrogen Add-On for Cars?

Add a hydrogen conversion kit to any standard gasoline vehicle to run the engine on clean-burning hydrogen instead. You can fuel the car with water, to be burned as hydrogen and oxygen. Water vapor... Read More »

Do it Yourself Hydrogen Generators for Cars?

You can modify a standard car engine to run on hydrogen combustion by adding a hydrogen generator to the existing engine. Using detailed manuals available from ebook retailers you can collect the m... Read More »

Hydrogen Water Conversion Secrets?

The process under which water is converted to hydrogen is called "electrolysis." Electrolysis means using electricity to break something apart. In this case, hydrogen is separated from oxygen by ru... Read More »