Do it Yourself Custody Agreement?

Answer Custody of the minor children is a large part of a divorce agreement. Custody agreements serve the best interests of the children. Many people think that the mom has to have primary custody and tha... Read More »

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What does it mean if the custody agreement is equal?

Answer It designates that both parents have the same rights to make decisions on pertaining to the child's/children's welfare. Such as schooling, medical care, participation in sports, etc. Althoug... Read More »

Can my wife keep my children away from me when we don't have a custody agreement?

Yes, she can. You would have to get a court order. Otherwise, you could try to reach an agreement where the children can come visit--best without coercion in terms of support and in response to her... Read More »

Joint Legal Custody Agreement?

Family courts may choose to grant parents joint legal custody of a child, joint physical custody or sole custody to either parent. In joint legal custody agreements, parents are required to make me... Read More »

How do you amend an existing child custody agreement?

That's quite difficult. Being a child under custody myself, it kind of depends on what the child wants, from my experience. I've always been asked questions about what I want to do. Most likely you... Read More »