Do it Yourself Body Cleansers?

Answer Keeping your skin clean is essential to your overall health, yet common soaps are full of toxins that act as thickening agents and preservatives. In order to control exactly what your body is expos... Read More »

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Are colon cleansers bad for you?

On One Hand: Removes Waste from the BodyDone properly, colon cleansing removes waste from the body which can assist with moderate weight loss and improved overall health. explain... Read More »

How do I Use Mary Kay Cleansers?

The Mary Kay cosmetic company carries several types of skin cleansers, including a variety of creams and facial bars. The choices offered are also classified by the type of skin you have, such as o... Read More »

Face Cleansers! Please Help?

Myth and truth about THC cleansers?

I have taken drug tests and for detoxing I:-Drink lots of water and cranberry juice-Exercise daily-Drink Red Bull because it boosts your metabolism-Cut out all sugary and fatty foods from your diet... Read More »