Do it Yourself Auto Fiberglass Repair?

Answer Fiberglass body parts have a variety of advantages over steel parts, but a major drawback: It cracks and shatters on impact. Repairing the damage is more complicated than repairing steel, but is st... Read More »

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How to Use Fiberglass Resin on an Auto?

Fiberglass resin is often used on soap box cars and similar autos, giving it an airtight seal to protect water and other contaminants from entering the frame. You can use the same fiberglass materi... Read More »

What happens when an auto is destroyed in a repair shop fire while it is being repaired from an auto accident that is someone else's fault?

Answer Usually garage keepers liability will cover the vehicle, but if not the other insurance company is still on the hook for at least the cost of the repair

How to Remove Paint From Auto Fiberglass?

Fiberglass auto body panels are a godsend when manufacturing vehicles with a low gross weight. Painted fiberglass poses a challenge if you want to strip paint completely to repaint your vehicle. Fi... Read More »

How to Refinish Fiberglass Auto Body Parts?

If your car has fiberglass body parts, there is a good chance that they will need refinishing over time. Fiberglass is a lightweight, strong material, but eventually it becomes brittle and prone to... Read More »