Do ipod earphones work with mp3 players?

Answer Yeah they have a 3.5mm jackBut please reconsider, there Apple but they are absolutely rubbish earphones, they do not stay in your ear and there a waste of money! I talk from experience

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Do IPOD earphones work in a MP3 player?

Yes, iPod earphones work in any standard music player.

What if your iPod earphones only work on the left side why?

Make sure the headphone jack is all of the way in the slot. If it is only halfway in, then that is your problem. If that didn't fix the problem, then the earphones are broken and you may need to b... Read More »

Can apple iPod earphones work on the iPad?

Will iPod nano speakers work with other iPods or mp3 players?

no, they will only work with the nano, as the nano is quite a bit smaller than other ipods and mp3 players. If you bought a speaker for an ipod touch, it would also work with the nano.