Do ionized bracelets really work?

Answer On One Hand: Alternative Medicine ClaimsManufacturers base the efficacy of ionized bracelets on alternative medicine concepts like balancing the body's ions, and unblocking the chi, or vital energy... Read More »

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Do the Q-Ray bracelets really work?

On One Hand: Some Consumers Tout Q-RayThough Q-Ray's pitch--that the bracelet can balance the negative and positive ions in the human body--might sound far-fetched, a number of consumers claim that... Read More »

Do magnetic bracelets work?

On One Hand: Some Studies Say YesSome studies have shown that magnetic bracelets may reduce arthritis pain. A 2004 British Medical Journal study, for example, found that those who wore magnetic bra... Read More »

Has anyone tried using those magnetic bracelets for arthritis pain Did they work?

Try "Theragesic*" It is wonderful for arthritis!I swear by it! I am 61 years old and it is the best thing going!

Is distilled water ionized?

Distilled water, which is not recommended for drinking, does have little amounts of ions in it, so therefore, it is not completely deionized. Distilled water is recommended for use in steam irons, ... Read More »