Do ionic air purifiers work?

Answer On One Hand: Effective Air PurificationIonic air purifiers clean and filter the air by charging the particles in the air with a positive or negative charge. This attracts them to the purifier's col... Read More »

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Ionic Air Purifiers & Asthma?

With the growing number of pollutants in our air, commercially available air purifiers are popular devices to help tackle this problem. Air purifiers are marketed as being helpful to allergy and as... Read More »

Are ionic air purifiers safe?

On One Hand: Safety ConcernsBecause the ionic air purifiers operate by creating an electrical charge and attracting dust particles, a small amount of ozone is created whenever a unit is in use. Ozo... Read More »

Are gases from ionic air purifiers safe?

On One Hand: They Are Not SafeAccording to Consumer Reports magazine, ionic air purifiers release potentially unhealthy levels of ozone. The medical staff of both Consumers Union and Consumer Repor... Read More »

Do air purifiers actually work?

On One Hand: Somewhat EffectiveAir purifiers are designed to clear away small particles of dust, smoke and allergens in the air. More expensive purifiers have features that remove smaller particles... Read More »