Do invisible fences really work?

Answer On One Hand: Invisible Fences are Safe and EffectiveAn invisible fence is a training aid. It is meant to help you keep your dog or cat within a certain boundary, like a back yard, and it can also k... Read More »

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Do invisible fences work with cats?

Invisible fences are effective for cats. According to Invisible Fence of Southern Arizona, invisible fencing is frequently used to keep your cat on your property. It can also prevent cats them from... Read More »

Can invisible fences kill?

Invisible fences do not kill. When used properly, the shock emitted is comparable to the sensation when you generate static electricity walking across a carpet in socks and you touch a metal doorkn... Read More »

If I press REALLY, REALLY hard when I click a link, will the link work better?

Yep. And sometimes you have to roar at it - it works much better when I use sailor-type language.

Does FertilAid and fertiletea Really work and how long does it take to work?

I read on the website that it takes up to 3 months to work.. I start taking it 4/6/10 and i start feeling different after a few days of using it. Like my mood was more relaxed i was less moody. And... Read More »