Do inversion tables help back problems?

Answer On One Hand: Inversion Therapy WorksAccording to The Healthy Back Institute, "Inversion therapy relieves back pain, and it works even better when it's part of a well-rounded treatment plan that add... Read More »

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Are inversion tables good for the back?

On One Hand: Yes, If You are Relatively HealthyThe Sports Injury Clinic proposes that an inversion table can relieve back pain, improve the aging spine, relax muscles, improve blood flow and add sp... Read More »

Does inversion help back pain?

On One Hand: It Relieves Back PainInversion therapy can provide relief for back pain, according to the Mayo Clinic. The technique involves hanging upside down, and some people find it helpful for l... Read More »

Are inversion tables effective?

On One Hand: Recognized BenefitsInversion tables are widely known as one of the best ways to decompress the spine. Spinal decompression is used by spinal therapists and chiropractors alike. Some ot... Read More »

Where do Teeter inversion tables ship from?

There are two main centers from which Teeter inversion tables are shipped. The first center is a warehouse in Nevada and the second is a distribution center located in Pennsylvania.References:PR Lo... Read More »