Do intel mac's have a bios can you boot up with a dos cd or usb key?

Answer Macs don't have a BIOS the way PC users think of it. Instead, they have OpenFirmware. I've included a link below that gives some information about how to get into it and what you can then do.

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Do Macs have Intel processors?

According to the specifications on Apple's website, all current Macs make use of Intel processors. As of June 2010, the systems use Core 2 Duos, Core i5s, Core i7s or, in the Mac Pro's case, a Quad... Read More »

How to Update BIOS on an Intel 865?

The BIOS (basic input/output settings) loads every time you start your computer. This basic software tells the computer all of the parts connected and allows you to load your operating system. It c... Read More »

How to Set Bios to Boot from a CD ROM?

If you have forgot or lost your Windows Administrator password, one of the solutions is to restart your computer from CD-ROM, and with a a special CD to reset the old password. Well. how to reboot ... Read More »

How do I configure BIOS to boot from CD?

Restart ComputerClose all open programs. Restart your computer.Enter BIOSPress the key displayed on the first screen of the boot process to enter your BIOS. The key varies based upon your computer ... Read More »