Do insurance companies insure homes with trampolines?

Answer Some may but in general they are considered exposures to risk and will be excluded or your coverage may even be canceled. You will need to speak with an agent or agencies in order to find a company... Read More »

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What insurance companies will insure you if you have an inground pool with a slide?

Any of them will If they have a problem with it they wil up the cost of the insurance, the best way to find out is ask them.

Which insurance companies will insure a massage therapist for disability insurance?

Where does insurance companies insure?

A better question you be what do they not insured. You can find insurance for anything you can think of. Some famous people even insure their teeth or face because of their good looks. Lloyd's of L... Read More »

Which health insurance companies insure foreigners in the US?

If you are referring to private insurance, then contact an agent, this of course assumes you are legal. Also if the company you are employed with offers group insurance then you should qualify ther... Read More »