Do rhinos have brains?

Answer Like any mammal, all four species of rhinoceros have brains. Compared to the size of the rhino--they can weigh several thousand pounds--the brain is relatively small. In fact, the Honolulu Zoo repo... Read More »

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Do oysters have brains?

Oysters do not have a central brain. Instead, oysters have a nerve center that allows them to move and function. Known as the "ganglia," the oyster's nerve center is connected to the oyster's body ... Read More »

Do iPhones and iPads have brains?

Yes but made out of electronics. They don't have brains like we do.

Do people who drive big or powerful cars have no brains?

Impatience, and they know you are trying to irritate them when you slow down even further so try to irritate you back. As well as these cars being big and powerful they also have a much better bra... Read More »

Have you ever eaten the brains of any animal as a dish?

Unless i didn't know about it i never did.