Do ink refill kits work?

Answer On One Hand: Cost EffectiveInk refill kits are an inexpensive way of reusing costly ink cartridges. Also, the procedure for the refill isn't really that hard to do and enables users to gain near br... Read More »

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Do auto air conditioner refill kits work?

On One Hand: They May WorkAn auto air conditioner refill kit may work very well to restore your car's air conditioning if the system is not working properly solely because of low amounts of refrige... Read More »

How do I buy Epson ink refill kits?

OnlinePurchase ink refills for your Epson online at sites such as Ink Plus Toner, Ink Supply or Mister Inkjet (see Resources.) Locate your printer's model number on the front of the printer. Input ... Read More »

What do you think of refill kits for ink cartridges!?

easy to use i love them they save me money

Is it worth it to buy the refill kits for my ink cartridges for my HP printer?

A 3rd option you might want to consider is to have a store refill your cartridge. Some outlets of Staples and Walgreens provide the service now. I didn't want to mess with the cartridge myself, so ... Read More »