Do inflatable pools need chlorine?

Answer On One Hand: Fight Off The BacteriaInflatable pools are just like below-ground pools and require regular treatment to prevent bacteria and algae from infecting the water, especially for larger infl... Read More »

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Can you put chlorine tablets in inflatable pools?

Chlorine tablets can be used in an inflatable swimming pool. It's best to not add the chlorine tablets directly into the pool; putting them into a floater will work best. You can also drop a few ch... Read More »

What can be done to eliminate skin rashes from swimming in bromine pools if you do not have a reaction in chlorine pools?

I have a major problem with bromine and get a horrible rash when I swim with it. The only thing that sort of works is to use a barrier cream (basically something that people use when they work with... Read More »

What are the main and the biggest differences of salt water pools and chlorine pools?

Answer The biggest difference is the silky feel of the water in a salt pool, Cost wise it is turning out to be about the same costwise for chemicals and it can be more expensive to repair a salt sy... Read More »

Are salt water pools better than regular chlorine pools?

On One Hand: The BenefitsSalt water swimming pools are less corrosive on swimwear and swim toys. The salt softens the water, which leads to less eye and skin irritation than a regularly chlorinated... Read More »