Do infertile people pass down their infertility to their children?

Answer Um... you are the stupidest person ever, no they do not.....

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So, if people are infertile, but want children, do you believe they are out of luck and?

If someone is infertile, SADLY, PAINFULLY, yes, they MUST accept their fate. Because NOT accepting it isn't going to change the fact that they are infertile. Adopting a child isn't going to "chang... Read More »

When will people understand adoption is not about poor infertile couples its about the children?

On the bright side, not ALL people think that way. Please, remember there are some truly beautiful and ethical adoptive situations. Thank goodness that there are people who are speaking out to help... Read More »

Are people who are infertile not "meant to be" parents ?

In other cultures, and in the past (before adoption), infertile people were the community caretakers. This seems to make much more sense than obsessively seeking out other people's children. I th... Read More »

If my parents were infertile, what are my chances of being infertile, too?

There is a very good chance that you are infertile too. Sorry Princess :(But if your husband is super fertile, like let's say, NFL quarterback Tim Tebow, then he might make up for your lack of fer... Read More »