Do infants have a sense of smell?

Answer Yes they do, infact they have acquired a sense of smell in the mother's womb by the 24-25th week. Babies can recognize the smell of amniotic fluid (a membrane that encloses the embryo and will fu... Read More »

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What dog has best sense of smell?

Bloodhounds have a better sense of smell than all other dogs. Because of their sense of smell, bloodhounds can be useful as police dogs or search-and-rescue dogs. The existence of bloodhounds was f... Read More »

How to Improve Your Sense of Smell?

There are many reasons you may wish to improve your sense of smell. For one thing, it's closely linked to your sense of taste. Try tasting food with your nose pinched! It is also a required skill t... Read More »

Does anyone know what would cause you to lose your sense of smell!?

I'm not sure, it could be a number of things,perhaps you can book an appointment wih your doctor.That will take out all of the guess work. :)(((Kerilyn)))

Does your sense of smell become keener when you're pregnant?

Answer Yes! Many, many women report finding the aromas of coffee, bacon, perfume, etc. uncomfortable. And, it certainly doesn't help the morning sickness!