Do iPod Nanos come with a warranty?

Answer Most iPod products come with a warranty and the limit of that warranty depends on the product. All products should come with a warranty information in the box.

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Are there different types of iPod nanos?

Answer Yes. There are the 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and 16GB versions.

How to Put Pictures On iPod Nanos?

The screen on an iPod nano is relatively small, but you can still load photos to the device and use it to show off pictures to family and friends while you're out and about. You can load and displa... Read More »

Are iPod Nanos 2nd generation?

The iPod Nano was the second-generation iPod model (it replaced the iPod Mini). However, the iPod Nano is usually regarded as a stand-alone model. For example, the first iPod Nano is referred to as... Read More »

How many generations of ipod nanos are there?

There are six generations of iPod Nanos as of February 2011. The Nano finds its niche in its tiny frame, compared to the larger iPod Classic. The first generation unit released in 2005.References:A... Read More »