Do i wash my hair after toning?

Answer On One Hand: Reasons to ShampooToner, like most other color applications, is difficult to remove from the hair with rinsing alone. A thorough rinse will remove most of the toner, but residue will b... Read More »

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How to Wash Your Hair After a Keratin Complex Hair Straightening?

The Keratin Complex Hair Straightening system leaves hair soft, manageable and straight. It infuses a special blend of natural keratin into the hair using the heat from a flat-iron. This hair thera... Read More »

Hair Weaves How do u keep a hair weave from getting tangled and frizzy after u wash it ?

if its human hair you straight iron it but make sure you brush and comb it real good before you straighten it you also can but moose on it its a kind of hairspray

When can i wash my hair after a keratin hair treatment?

A Brazilian keratin treatment is a process that is done to the hair that makes it straight, soft and shiny. After hair has undergone the traditional keratin treatment, it cannot be washed for 24 ho... Read More »

How to Wash Hair After a Perm?

After perming your hair, it is important to help it adjust to the chemicals and recover from the perming process. Allow the hair to neutralize the chemicals from the perm simply by receiving the ox... Read More »