Do i still need auto insurance?

Answer On One Hand: You Must Carry Liability InsuranceForty-eight states require liability insurance. The two states that do not (Florida and New Hampshire) require that you have enough in assets to cover... Read More »

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If an out of state driver with no auto insurance has an accident in NJ is their health insurance or the NJ driver's auto insurance primary?

%REPLIES% Answer Someone's health insurance is not going to cover any injuries in an auto accident. That covered by the insurance on the vehicle. Since there wasn't any, it would appear the victim(... Read More »

Does Massachusetts still have servicing carriers for auto insurance?

As of 2010, according to the Massachusetts Commonwealth Automobile Reinsurers (CAR), auto insurance servicing carriers and limited servicing carriers still operate pursuant to 211 CMR 79.00, which ... Read More »

Why do you need auto insurance?

Answer In almost every state the law requires a driver to carry the minimum amount of insurance. And if you are uninsured and have an accident where you are at fault, you will have to pay all the d... Read More »

Why You Need Auto Insurance?

When you drive an automobile that has the potential to cause damage to other cars, people and property, carrying insurance coverage prevents overwhelming expenses connected to the damage and legal ... Read More »