Do i sleep too much?

Answer Nope - sounds right.Remember - at your age your body is going thru a lot of changes - it may need more sleep than some of your friends - or more sleep than you did a few years ago.Now - are you get... Read More »

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Do you get enough sleep or too much 'Seven hours sleep a night best for health'?

This time of year I'm manic due to long days. I go to bed about 11-12 and get up at 4.In the winter I enter my hibernation mode and go to bed about 10 and get up about 8.This is in a perfect world,... Read More »

How much sleep?

It really depends on how many times you go through REM cycles. You typically should go through 4 complete cycles...from 6 to 8 hours, usually. Interestingly, the world record for staying up was 1... Read More »

Why do I sleep so much?

Your body is growing and you mentioned you do not eat breakfast or lunch (sometimes). Breakfast is the most important meal of the day...provides fuel for brain cells to operate (which is important... Read More »

To much sleep bad for you?

I don't know that sleep in itself is bad for you, however, sleeping a lot can sometimes be a symptom of other causes. For instance, it could be depression, sleep apnea, some other sleep disorder,... Read More »