Do i really want to be a dentist?

Answer If by failing, you mean your grades are poor, you will have a slim chance of being accepted into dental school. In the US, about 1 in 40 who apply are accepted and a gpa of 3.6 in undergraduate sc... Read More »

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I don't want to be a vampire. But I want my k9 teeth to be sharp to a point.How do I ask a dentist to do that?

It will be really hard getting a dentist to do that for you. They would have to scrape off the enamel and that would permanently ruin your teeth. You could either file them down yourself (not recom... Read More »

I want to go to the dentist.?

They need your insurance, Sorry :( i hope you find it

Want to report a Dentist. Justified or not?

As you describe it, this dentist did nothing wrong from a malpractice point of view. He was not negligent, so complaining about the situation would be pointless. However, this dentist is a tool! I... Read More »

Wasn't really numb at dentist?

How numb you get depends on how much Novocain reaches the nerves in whatever part of your mouth they're working on. Different people have nerves which branch at slightly places. If the injection ha... Read More »