Do i really need life insurance?

Answer On One Hand: You May Not Need Life InsuranceIf you have no dependents, or are young and single, you probably don't need life insurance. Also, if you are of retirement age and have enough in savings... Read More »

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How much do I really get after life insurance pays?

Life insurance benefits paid to a named beneficiary are exempt from income tax. The beneficiary should receive 100 percent of the death benefit. Life insurance benefits can be taxed for estate tax ... Read More »

Do we really need credit cards in our life?

On One Hand: They Make Some Transactions EasierCertain transactions, such as purchasing items online or reserving a hotel room, require a credit cards in order to complete the transaction. With eac... Read More »

I need advise.. Really thinkig of ending my life?

Bre,You have to realize 1st, your boyfriend, and 2nd your age. Firstly, it appears as if he was looking out for one thing. And after he got all he could out of the physical aspect of your relations... Read More »

Why do people need life insurance?

Life insurance is a financial tool used to protect income. When a wage earner dies, his income is lost unless there is a life insurance policy to replace it. Life insurance can either pay out in on... Read More »