Do i only need one disc in?

Answer Im guessing the master suite stuff is expansion packs so youll only need to install once

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Do you need a blue ray player to watch a blue ray disc or only a hdtv with an ordinary DVD player?

You must have a Blue Ray player to play Blue Ray disks because it is a completely different format than DVD even though the disks look similar. This is similar to asking whether you can play DVDs i... Read More »

Can you play a blu-ray disc on a DVD player only?

No. Blu-Ray discs will only play on Blu-Ray players and PlayStation 3.

Cricket txtm8 only works on the charger/ ive only had it for 2 mothns. does this mean i need a new battery?

OMG! mine too! it started doing it yesterday! i've had mine for about 9 months..i have a battery n charger less than 30 days old! i've called cricket and they wont do crap for me! mine works when p... Read More »

Can I make a recovery disc&then only pick the drivers I want off of it?

Yes, it is possible to create a recovery disc and retrieve only the desired data. HP is one of the companies that allows for flexibility when creating recovery discs, as the original software, as w... Read More »