Do i need to water seal our condominium walkways?

Answer The answer depends on the fabrication materials of the walkway.Contact the materials' vendor and ask whether water-seal is recommended, and if so, what products are recommended to seal the walkways.

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How do you install a water heater in a second story condominium without a drain?

Same way as the first floor. The drain has nothing to do with the way it is installed, your just not adding a drain. Which is a real bad idea and should not be done.

Is condominium association ever responsible for interior water damage due to burst pipes?

You can find the answer you want in your governing documents. Look there to find the boundary between an owner's property and the common property. This boundary can be, the 'skin', the paint, the p... Read More »

How to Seal a Car Water Pump?

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Is condominium Homeowners Association responsible for personal property when water damage occurs?

Two issues arise here: repair/ replacement and payment for water damage. One can assume that the personal property involved in the water damage event was located inside your unit, or inside your as... Read More »