Do i need to water seal our condominium walkways?

Answer The answer depends on the fabrication materials of the walkway.Contact the materials' vendor and ask whether water-seal is recommended, and if so, what products are recommended to seal the walkways.

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Your condominium assessed and extra amount because your reserve is at zero - you need extra money for building repairs - can you file a lien for condominium special reserve amount assessed?

Depending on the county and state where your condominium is located, and depending on your governing documents, assessments and fines can automatically become liens on your condominium title.Otherw... Read More »

Need to find condominium sale in Singapore?

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Do condominium associations need workers comp?

Answer Check your state laws, all states are different when it comes to worker's comp regulations.

How do you install a water heater in a second story condominium without a drain?

Same way as the first floor. The drain has nothing to do with the way it is installed, your just not adding a drain. Which is a real bad idea and should not be done.