Do i need to replace wet drywall from an overflowed toilet?

Answer On One Hand: Consider RisksIf you don't replace the wet drywall from an overflowed toilet, the water damage can cause unsightly wrinkling in your bathroom wall and make the damaged section brittle ... Read More »

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How to Fix an Overflowed Toilet Stuffed by Toilet Paper?

Toilets rely on gravity and pressure to help clear waste through the lines. The typical opening of a toilet's waste pipe can be between 3” and 4” in size; enough to handle most waste, but easil... Read More »

A careless 2nd floor tenant clogged his toilet which overflowed unnoticed for 6 hours As a result there was 7000 in damages caused to the apartment below Who is responsible?

Answer This is probably answered by reading the rental/lease agreement. Tenants are generally responsible for damage caused by a stoppage that occurs during their tenancy unless the stoppage is du... Read More »

Do I need a permit to replace a sink or a toilet?

On One Hand: Probably Not RequiredMany municipalities allow homeowners to repair, replace and maintain fixtures in their homes without obtaining a professional license or building permit. There is ... Read More »

I need to replace the seat on my toilet but the the bolt is all rusted. How can I get this off?

put some machine oil and leave it for some time it will losen it a bit then u can romove it