Do i need to remove ceramic tile floor before installing a new floor?

Answer On One Hand: It's Best to Remove ThemThe new floor will not seal as well if it is glued directly over the existing flooring, especially if the old tile is not in pristine condition. Small cracks or... Read More »

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How much does it cost to remove ceramic floor tile Most contractors charge 2 - 2.50 sq ft the surface under the tile would also determine the final price such as concrete plywood vinyl etc?

"It is free if you do it yourself or if you want someone else to do it find a highschool kid to do for $20.00"...... This is a ridiculous answer from someone who is obviously not involved with cons... Read More »

How do you remove thin set from ceramic tile floor?

Jack hammer strong razer scrapper putty knife elbow grease

How do I remove a broken ceramic floor tile?

Cut through the grout surrounding the broken ceramic tile with a grout saw or rotary cutter. If possible, cut all the way through the thinset mortar below the grout.Drill holes in the broken tile w... Read More »

The Easiest Way to Remove Ceramic Floor Tile With a Cement Board Underlayment?

Ceramic floor tile is mortared down to the subfloor, then more mortar (in the form of grout) is put in the spaces between the tiles. In other words, those tiles aren't coming up easily. If the cera... Read More »