Do i need to get internet from my phone provider?

Answer First you should find out if cable internet is available from a cable provider at your location. If so, you can switch to that and change your phone service to VoIP. Depending on your phone usage, ... Read More »

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How do you get your phone to receive internet through wireless internet and not your phone service provider?

As far as I know, in the Usa, it was the G1; aka the htc dream. Manufactured by htc for the T mobile network in October 2008. It's successor is the G2; aka htc desire Z.

I already have internet why do i need to wait to have phone turned on My provider is Fairpoint?

Gotta do the paperwork.The internet and dial tone share the same cable pair, not the same equipment. Someone still has to run the jumper and rearrange the circuit in the central office. The job p... Read More »

Which wirless provider has the fastest internet connection for a cell phone?

Looks like you are stumped with the answers above.. Get the cheapest one with the best deal and that has the most coverage in the places you will normally be. You will not really notice a differenc... Read More »

If you are ditching BT, who is the best provider for a land line phone and internet package?

I would love to know this too - BT have really p**sed me off lately! xx