Do i need to be put into the hospital for anorexia?

Answer no!! this is what anorexia is :"a psychiatric diagnosis that describes an eating disorder characterized by low body weight and body image distortion with an obsessive fear of gaining weight. Indivi... Read More »

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Anorexia How long would it take Need serious help...?

Anorexia is a whole different thing than just wanting to lose weight fast. Anorexia is hell. It will never ever go away. You could die. I almost did. Don't be bulimic- even more dangerous. Just go ... Read More »

I'm 17, 5' 9", & 118 lbs recovering from anorexia. How many calories do I need to gain weight?

3000 calories a day should do the job. If after that you need to add or subtract, do it in 500 calorie intervals. xoxoxo

My dad went into hospital.. plz read :( .?

Hello darling,What a terrible time you are having to go through, I am so sorry but I will try to help you if I can.The thought of all the tubes if only frightening because you don't understand wha... Read More »

Do I need to go to hospital?

You're ok. Over a gallon would be more concerning.