Do i need the data plan if you only have calling on an iPhone?

Answer As iPhones are expensive, what you need to do first is be more careful. The next best thing to do is take the iPhone to an Apple store so a qualified Service Technician can find out why the screen ... Read More »

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Can you get only data plan with iPhone?

Can you buy iPhone with data plan only?

No, you have to get the Internet package.

Why does the new Iphone 4 only have 2gbs of data and why doesn't it have unlimited data?

There isn't an iPhone model called "iPhone OS". iPhone OS refers to the operating system the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad run. To answer the question, each of these devices are only limited by the ... Read More »

Does the iPhone 4 and 4S need the data plan?

It depends if you want to use the features that are based using the internet. You can use your own (or other) wifi which is normally free or get a data plan on PAYG. So to get the best access from ... Read More »