Do i need renters insurance in georgia?

Answer On One Hand: Protections and policiesRenter's insurance covers both the people that live inside the apartment and the objects inside of that apartment. A renter's policy will protect you in case of... Read More »

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How much is renters insurance in Georgia?

If he is a good landlord, he would check with local courts to see if you have a habit of prior evictions. Credit reports don't really have allot to do with someone, in my opinion, as a bad credit r... Read More »

Is renters insurance mandatory in Georgia?

Other than home owners insurance covering your primary residence where you live and rental property insurance covering a home that you rent to others there are a few differences in types of coverag... Read More »

What is the average deductible for 50.000 of renters insurance in georgia?

Renters insurance is a form of homeowners insurance. The form is HO-4. I assume that you mean the policy that the person renting purchases to cover their belongings and liability. Most all homeowne... Read More »

What factors would affect your coverage when getting renters insurance in Georgia?